Why Choose a Celebrant Wedding?

If you have already decided that a Church wedding is not for you, many couples think their only alternative is a Registrar wedding, either at your local registry office or at a venue with a licence & accept that their ceremony will be “off the shelf” & restricted greatly with regards to permitted content & how it can be personalised.

But there’s another option & it was named by Hitched as the Number 1 wedding trend for 2024 and that’s a Celebrant-led wedding. The popularity is growing organically as once you have seen a Celebrant wedding, you don’t usually forget it & it’s changing the way people think about how to make their big day much more personal.

Couples are now looking for more than just a standard ceremony, it’s the most important day of your journey so far and as individuals, you are unique so your ceremony should be too. Hiring a Celebrant is a perfect way to do this, is very similar in cost to a Registrar & WOW, you get a whole lot more!

There are endless benefits to a Celebrant-led wedding, too many to talk about here! It gives you true flexibility to craft the most personalised of ceremonies in exactly the style you both want, taking into account your own characters, your unique love story, personalised vows, mini-rituals or family involvement.

You’ll build up a personal bond with your chosen Celebrant (hopefully me !) & they will be beside you every step of the way. We embrace inclusivity and cultural diversity & if you want an element of religion, even a short religious reading, that’s fine too, the rule is: THERE ARE NO RULES! Your ceremony won’t be like anyone else’s ceremony, just as you & your love isn’t like anyone else’s love!

The only thing we can’t do is legally marry you, (however, that may be changing soon !) Your Celebrant will tell you how to go about the legal paperwork which you will usually do a couple of days before or after the Ceremony but again, there are no rules on this & it’s a doddle!

I’ve put together a quick summary of the things that a Celebrant can do for you that a Registrar can’t, however, please get in touch so we can talk about the details.

Things that a Celebrant can do for you that a Registrar can’t:

  1. Officiate at a non-licensed venue.
    As long as we have the landowner’s permission, I can officiate anywhere – beach, woodland, back garden, boat!
  2. Meet you before the ceremony.
    You’ll both meet me and talk to me a lot from the time of the booking right up to the day. Communication is unlimited!
  3. Offers a rehearsal.
    We’ll do a run-through a few days prior to go through the final bits & bobs & also to make sure you are both confident & comfortable with the timings, vows etc.
  4. Only officiates at one wedding per day.
    I only do one wedding per day, so you will have my undivided attention and I won’t need to leave if you’re late!
  5. Puts no time limit to your ceremony.
    It can be as long or as short as you wish and it’s never rushed.
  6. Gives you 100% input into the script.
    Your input is vital and you’ll get full visibility of the whole script.
  7. Allows religious content.
    Absolutely and if you have mixed faiths, we can honour both.
  8. Allows you to write your own vows.
    As serious or as crazy as you like & I’ll help you write them.
  9. Let you choose any readings or poems you like.
    Anything at all, no restriction on number or content. I have tons of suggestions for you including classic literature passages, movie quotes, song lyrics, funny poems, children's readings & Disney inspired.
  10. Will personally write and read your “love story”.
    This is the big bit! I’ll craft your unique story for you written in your style.
  11. Allows guests to drink alcohol during the ceremony.
    If you want guests to come in with a glass of fizz, or take a shot of something with you, feel free!
  12. Allows symbolic rituals / mini-ceremonies.
    Interested in hand-fasting, oathing stone, jumping the broom, a wine ceremony, time capsule? Go for it!
  13. Gives you a copy of your script.
    Your personalised certificate & keepsake script are themed to your colours & flowers & come gift-boxed. No extra charge.

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